SPace Lions

Systems Information

Space Lions Systems Information is a community-based, universally-owned, non-governmental organization.  Our mission is to share the awareness of our interplanetary informational and productivity systems with your consciousness to keep you in touch with how wonderfully the flow is syncopating with the systems of our lives.  Our customized systems and informations tools will allow you to integrate a view of the world as simply and elegantly with accordance to the relevance of what life affords.  All prospective clients are encouraged to make an inquiry via email at or via telephone at 707.385.9664. For community support information, please email                #spacelions   Know what's happening  ##


Space Lions System Information provides customized solutions for systems monitoring, from environmental controls and audio/visual magic to high-performance, fault-tolerant servers. Our systems monittoring hosts worldwide can reliably track availability from a variety of locations to ensure compliance with international standards and qualifications for excellence in media delivery and uptime responsiveness.  We at Space Lions Systems Information are firm believers in the value of intellectual resources as a means for sound decision making and the harmonious continuation of growth and prosperity. Real-time monitoring of systems functionality and instrumentation of critical data points allow for timely course corrections for a voyage of any duration. We also believe that music is one of the supreme realizations of the interstellar generation of our continued existence, and especially so on this miraculous planet. Throughout the years planting seeds of light and truth, we have seen many harvests of blessings and wisdom.  We also especially enjoy engaging in the production of community events and educational direction for the future of our existence.  Music and the arts are the delight of the soul. The more we can contribute to the sharing of inspirational content, the greater our success at our core mission.